Elite Conditioning

Elite Conditioning provides students an excellent full body workout that can be completed in only 30 minutes! Students are amazed at how effective a workout can be when done at the proper intensity level, with the right combination of strength training, conditioning and full body endurance. The exercises that comprise the Elite Conditioning are those that are specific to conditioning a student for the demands of Martial Arts training. ALL students are encouraged to participate in this class regardless of physical ability or level of conditioning. You are permitted to work at your own pace. This class is also a great alternative for those who are looking to enjoy the many the health benefits of Martial Arts training, without any contact or need for training partners. The benefits of this class can be listed at great length, but the only way to find out, is to try a class for yourself!


“I’m a former two sport NCAA athlete who was looking for something more than just joining another gym and lifting weights. I walked into the Elite Martial Arts gym knowing next to nothing about Krav Maga and signed up after my first class. I’ve learn so much in the short period of time I’ve trained at EMA – I have Dan Novak and all the other amazing instructors to thank for that! They always have time to show me how to do things left handed because I’m a southpaw fighter and that really means a lot to me. I go to the gym to stay in shape & learn new skills and I leave this gym every night feeling like a part of a family. Give it a shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about!”

Curt R


“Look no further for a highly effective full body workout, EMA’s Martial
Arts Program is without equal.

As a long time fitness and Taekwondo instructor myself, I joined EMA in
autumn 2014 to supplement my martial arts training. The quality of the
program and its instructors were immediately obvious to me, and EMA quickly
became my favorite place to train.

Beyond the Krav Maga and Muay Thai classes – I find the varied and
challenging Elite Conditioning routines effectively build balanced strength
and endurance. The Program consists of high intensity workouts using body
weight, free weights, and resistance bands; which are enhanced by the
incorporation of basic martial arts skills and an inspiring team

I lead multiple of my own fitness classes weekly, but EMA and their Elite
Conditioning Program is the place I choose for my personal workout. EMA
instructors even graciously allow me to incorporate elements of the Elite
Conditioning Program into the fitness classes I instruct!

Beyond a clear improvement to my capabilities as a martial artist, EMA has
an incredible Krav Maga + Conditioning + Muay Thai program for those
looking for that ‘athletic edge’ or to generally improve their overall

Paul K