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Below are our frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, feel free to send us your question using the contact us box.


1) Do I need to have prior Martial Arts Experience to participate in Krav Maga training?

Answer: Absolutely not!

Krav Maga is a self defense system that is based on the body’s natural movements and instinctive reactions. Individuals with little or no experience take well to Krav Maga because they approach the training with a clean slate and are easy to teach. They become functional in a very short period of time. Conversely, those who come to us with prior experience have the opportunity to build on their existing skill set to become more well rounded by the complete self defense system that is Krav Maga.




2) I have noticed that there are many Organizations that offer Krav Maga training and certifications, many of whom claim to be the only legitimate organization.
Who’s the real deal and how do I know who is legit and who is not?

Answer: This is a common question from prospective students who know little about the history of Krav Maga throughout North America.
Initially, Krav Maga training in North America was only offered by a select group of professional organizations. Over time, the system has evolved and branched out to meet the ever changing demands of modern world self defense.

As of 2019 Elite Martial Arts Toronto became the first school in Canada to join with the Martial Arts International Union.  This Union is a committee of Industry leaders who’s mission is to offer quality Martial Arts training to students and teaching certifications to qualified Instructors.  The Union is formed by Belton Lubas of Warrior Strength Training in Seattle WA, Ajahn Suchart who services as the Canadian National Muay Thai coach and direct liaison with the Sport Authority of Thailand (Who certifies Elite’s Muay Thai program) and EMA’s Own Dan Novak serves as Director for the MAIU Krav Maga Division.  Together, the MAIU board of directors posses over 100 years of combined Martial Arts exprience.  The extensive experience of the Union speaks for itself.  




3) I haven’t done physical activities for a very long time and I feel out of shape, and I want t to ensure I am physically capable of getting through the class.
Should I get myself in better shape before attend class?

Answer: Getting you in shape is our job and we are happy to do it!

No matter your starting point, we will cater the training to meet your needs we will build you up over time. Class by class and week by week you will begin to notice that the classes get physically easier because you are getting in better shape. In addition to the Krav Maga classes, we encourage our students to participate in the supplementary programs such as Elite Conditioning, Sparring, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
All of these classes will play a role in making you the best version of yourself




4) How long does it take to get a Black belt from Elite Martial Arts?

Answer: It takes most people about 3-5 years to graduate our program. Everyone is different based on a number of criteria that effects their progress. In the end, you will work at your own pace and be promoted as the school sees fit.




5) I have pre-existing injuries. Can I still participate in Krav Maga training?

Answer: Absolutely! Over the years, we all get injuries from our day to day lives and previous activities. It is important to be aware of your limitations and train around them. In fact, at EMA Toronto we take a great amount of pride in that fact that no matter what your current condition, we can train around your injuries or medical conditions and keep you active. We will never push you beyond your comfort levels and we are respectful of your limitations.



6) I noticed you operate out of the Pure Studio. Do I need to get a Gym membership in order to join EMA Toronto?

Answer: No, EMA Toronto and Pure Fitness are separate businesses but we do have a successful partnership.



7) What do I bring to my first class?

Answer: Bring yourself! As well as proper gym attire. Indoor running shoes or bare feet are acceptable foot ware (hygiene permitting). Also ensure you come prepared with a water bottle or drink of your choice. It is important that you stay hydrated during class. Do NOT eat any heavy meals right before class. Have a light meal that will provide you energy but not weigh you down as you participate in class.



8) All of this seems great! What is the cost?

Answer: At EMA Toronto, we pride ourselves on QUALITY in all aspects of the word. From the instruction that we provide our students, to the beautiful training facility and top notch amenities. Everything about our school is catered to offer our students the best possible training experience. Having said that, our prices are very fair, especially given the quality of the school. We have professional courtesy rates available to Police Services, Correctional Staff, EMS, Private Security Officers and Military personnel. We also offer student friendly rates to those who qualify. We have a variety of training options that will be both affordable and meet your needs. Please contact us and we would be happy to send you a detailed price list upon request.



9) When can I start??

Answer: Contact us anytime to book your FREE trial class and get started right away :)