Krav Maga Training (Downtown Toronto and Mississauga Locations)

As part of an ongoing effort to educate our students and interested general public members, EMA Training Centres is happy to provide you our most recent blog post relating to Krav Maga training and it’s associated benefits.

For over a decade, Elite Martial Arts, Toronto location has been widely considered downtown Toronto’s leader in Krav Maga training.  In fall of 2023 Elite returned to the Mississauga Meadowvale area to provide Peel region the same award winning Krav Maga classes.

What exactly is Krav Maga?

It’s a question we frequently get asked.  In simplest terms, Krav Maga is the self defense system used by the Israeli Defense forces, and it is the preferred method of self defense among the majority of law Enforcement & military agencies across the world!  It is an unarmed method of self defense with no particular set of rules.  It’s primary objective is to identify and eliminate a threat as quickly as possible.  Because there is no set of rules, it will teach students to target valuable areas of the body to create an equal playing field when such things as size and strength are not equal.  It allows a smaller individual to defend themselves against a much larger attacker or even multiple attackers.  Krav Maga also does an excellent job of borrowing the very best techniques from other styles of Martial Arts such as Muay Thai, BJJ and boxing and wrestling making it an extremely well rounded method of self defense.



In addition to the effectiveness of Krav Maga, students of Krav Maga obtain a much more in-depth education in self defense as a whole.  They are educated in the nature of an unprovoked attack by individuals that may be emotionally unstable, under the influence of are part of a pack mentality (such is the case when dealing with a multiple attacker situation).  Students are trained to recognize the warning signs of a potential threat, de-escalation tactics and overall situational awareness.  All of these X-factors are truly some of the most valuable aspects of Krav Maga training.  If you are properly trained and educated in these aspects of confrontation, you may be able to avoid or completely de-escalate a potential threat all together.  There really is no better form of self defense, then not to have to be in a confrontation all together!

Not only are these skills excellent for our adult students who navigate day to day life in a big city like Toronto, our students living in Mississauga/Peel Region also benefit a great deal, both adult and children alike. Elite Mississauga currently offers a child and youth program for ages 8-12.   A big part of this program is to not only physically train our children, but education them in such things as avoiding the conflict while keeping themselves safe.  Krav Maga and Muay Thai training  are great Martial Arts to help keep kids active, away from the screens and involved a positive social setting.  We are extremely proud of our child and youth program.  We encourage any parent reading this to let their child try a free class at Elite Mississauga.

In Conclusion

The best way to obtain the many benefits of Krav Maga training would be to try a class with us!  We always offer a free trial class at our Downtown Toronto location at 1 York Street and our Mississauga location at 6750 Mississauga Road.  Contact us today to book your free trial!