Private Training and Group Workshops

In addition to the quality group classes available at EMA Toronto, we are happy to provide private training to both enrolled EMA students and members of the general public.  These classes can be booked directly with EMA Owner/Head Instructor Dan Novak or any of our talented staff (pending availability).  In today’s COVID19  landscape, many individuals feel more comfortable with one on one training as a way to keep fit and learn a new skill.  We offer Full body workouts based on Martial Arts training, as well as Krav Maga and Muay Thai training to all interested parties.  Private training can be done individually or with a small group of individuals.  In addition, Elite is also happy to offer our services to businesses via corporate workshops.

  • To farther accommodate our community, our instructors are willing to travel to your home or work place for private training sessions (ALL GTA locations welcome).  If you are unable to attend our beautiful training facility, we can come to you, provided you have an adequate space (such as a condo gym or recreation room).

We will work with you to devise a training plan, unique to you and your goals.  Simply contact us, let us know what services you are interested in and we will begin the process to develop a training plan that is specific to your needs.

**Elite is currently placing registered students and perspective students on a priority waiting list for private classes.  Please contact us today to secure your sport for future training**






$80 per 45 minute session

$240 for 4 classes (Buy 3 and get the 4th free)


$120 per offsite session

$480 for a block of 5 offsite classes (5 Classes for the price of 4)


**Groups rates available upon request.  Please contact us to get a quote for your group**


Don’t hesitate to begin your private training today.  We look forward to working with you.  We are positive we can provide you an enjoyable and fulfilling training experience.

“I ve been a student at Elite since August 2014 . I had no prior martial arts training when I signed up . I m a Bay Street desk job type guy in my late 50s . I got right into the Krav and can tell you that the best thing I ever did was signing up to take private lessons from Dan in addition to regular day class . I found that the one on one training really enabled me to practice and  refine the techniques taught in class in a much more detailed way . Little nuances including footwork, head movement and how to put real snap into kicks and punches came a whole lot faster and made the over-  all Krav training experience much more rewarding . The private training allowed me to jump two belt levels from purple directly to green in a single test . If you really want to supercharge your Krav or Muay Thai training , I highly recommend that you take some private lessons with Dan . You definitely will not be disappointed in the results!”

D. Judson