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Team EMA

Krav Maga Staff

Kru Dan Novak

EMA Toronto Owner & Head Instructor

Dan Novak is currently serving as EMA Toronto Owner & Head Instructor, as well as Krav Maga Director for the Martial Arts International Union (MAIU).  In addition, he is contributing to the Muay Thai community, serving on the Naikhanomtom Association of Canada,  assisting with teaching policies and fighter development for Canadian Muay Thai.

Dan is a lifelong student of Martial Arts. Before founding Elite Martial Arts Toronto, Dan spent 14 years working as a Correctional Officer for the Province of Ontario. It was through his experience in this profession that Dan realized for a method of self-defense to be effective in the real world, an individual must train for real world situations. His search for a realistic form of self defense led him to Krav Maga. Dan is a 1st Degree Black Belt & an Expert Level 6 Krav Maga Instructor under Edward Wood of The Krav Maga Association of Canada.

In addition to his extensive Krav Maga credentials, Dan boasts a very impressive Muay Thai resume.  He has successfully competed in both local and international shows.  He has received his Muay Thai training/education in both Canada and Thailand.  In 2016, Dan earned the highly regarded Instructor rank Kru under Ajahn Suchart of Siam.No1 Muay Thai.  He is among the quickest of individuals to earn this rank in Ajahn’s prestigious career.

Above and beyond any training and certifications that one can achieve from a Martial Arts school, Dan has an abundance of real world experience that he incorporates into his Krav Maga lessons. It would be a challenge to find an instructor who has more real world knowledge and experience than Dan. Many Instructors promote that they have trained those who work in the field of Law Enforcement, Military and Security. Dan has actually lived it. This is what separates himself from others in his field. He teaches based on real experiences, NOT theory. It is because of his real world experience, that he takes his teaching of others so personally.  To this day, Dan remains involved in the Law Enforcement community, training various Special Operations teams and Officers from a variety of municipalities.   Dan sincerely cares about the students he teaches and is willing to do all in his power to help them succeed and reach their individual training goals.

“Krav Maga is very effective! If anything, it’s more effective for self defense than MMA. Krav is practical and simple. The objective is to eliminate the threat, not dance around and flick out a couple of jabs. As a Correctional Officer at a maximum security prison, Krav trains me to defend myself in some of the most aggressive environments and prepares me for worst case scenarios. Leave your training needs in the hands of Instructor Novak. You will not be disappointed. He is a highly skilled Krav Maga Practitioner.” F. Larry, Correctional Officer

Matt Bennett

EMA Toronto Senior Lead Instructor

Fulfilling the EMA Toronto Senior Lead Instructor is EMA’s own Matthew Bennett.   In 2019 Matt became the first individual in the school’s history to receive the rank of 1st Degree Krav Maga Black belt and Expert level 6 Instructor  from EMA Owner and Head Instructor, Dan Novak.  In addition, Matt is also Muay Thai Blue Shorts.

Matt brings with him many years of Martial Arts and boxing experience.   He has also established himself as a very successful actor in feature film and production.  The combination of Matt’s life experiences, both professionally and in Martial Arts comes through  in every class that Matt offers.  He is well spoken and has the unique ability to understand the needs of each of his students and maximizes each student’s potential for success.

Matt has recently specialized his training in Weapons Defense techniques.  Such techniques have played a vital role in Matt’s film career in various action roles he has obtained in both Movies and Television.  His active interest in this area of Krav Maga training has developed him into one of the school’s most proficient weapons defense instructors.  Matt his highly respected among EMA students and staff.  Elite is extremely fortunate to have the services of Matt offered at our school.

For additional information on Matt, please visit his officially IMBD page

Fredrick Johnston

EMA East Coast C0-Founder and Head Instructor

With great experience, comes great knowledge and nothing could be more true as it applies EMA East Coast Co-Founder and Head Instructor Fredrick Johnston!  Fredrick has proven himself to an excellent Krav Maga practitioner, earning his Black Belt with the graduating class of 2018.   Shortly thereafter, Fredrick co-founded EMA East Coast, proving Krav Maga and Fitness training to Canada’s East Coast Provinces.   Fredrick currently holds the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt under EMA Founder Dan Novak and is an L4 Krav Maga Instructor with the Martial Arts International Union.  In addition to his Krav Maga credentials, Fredrick is also a Muay Thai Blue Shorts, which he earned in 2016.

Fredrick takes his years of Martial Arts experience, as well as a patient and helpful approach in all of his classes.  His lessons as well constructed, easy to follow and each of his classes provides our students a great learning environment to bring out the best in each of our students.  EMA is very fortunate to have him on our team and we look forward to seeing where he takes his teaching career.



Josh Aussem

Krav Maga Lead Instructor

Another great addition to the EMA Team is Josh Aussem.  Josh has dedicated himself in years of Krav Maga training, earning himself a Black belt in 2018 under EMA Founder Dan Novak.  In addition to becoming a Black Belt, Josh has worked his way through the MAIU Instructor program, earning himself a Level 4 Certification.  During his Black belt test, Josh showed a grit and determination that propelled him among the top of any graduating class in the school’s history.  It was a performance that inspired others and lead to his promotion through the teaching ranks.

Josh is a geat addition to the team due to his very welcoming approach and his passion for Krav Maga.  Students enjoy his classes tempo, tone and overall delivery.  EMA has no doubts that Josh will continue to be a key asset to our staff as he helps build the next generations of future Black Belts and instructors through our Krav Maga program.



Greg Powell

EMA Toronto Manager/Lead Instructor, EMA Mobile Training Head Instructor

Greg Powell is one of EMA’s most senior students and Instructor.  In fact Greg is the longest serving individual at the school in respect to service time in training!  He is currently fulfilling the role of EMA Manager/Lead Instructor and is the Head Instructor for EMA’s mobile training service for corporate seminars and semi-private groups.


Greg holds the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt under EMA Founder Dan Novak and achieved his instructor qualifications through the Martial Arts International Union (MAIU).  Greg takes his training and teaching very seriously.  To prepare for his black belt exam, he completed SealFit, a 12 hour crucible event that is based off the infamous navy Seal “hell week” as well various GORUCK events. In addition to his Krav Maga credentials, Greg is also a Muay Thai Blue Shorts, which he earned in 2018 after training in Thailand and locally at EMA Toronto to improve his skills.


A skilled and passionate instructor, Greg’s mission is to give people of all ages and abilities  some practical self-defense skills that they can take into the real world. You will find that his sense of humour and teaching abilities make for a great training experience for all students who enjoy his classes..



Billie Johnston

EMA East Coast Co-Founder and Head Instructor

Billie Johnston has established herself as a constant pillar in the EMA Community.  In 2018 She received her Krav Maga Black belt from EMA Head Instructor Dan Novak.  Billie is also a qualified L4 Krav Maga instructor with the MAIU, working towards one day receiving a first degree Black Belt.

In 2019 Billie successfully co-founded EMA East Coast, providing ongoing Krav Maga and Fitness workshops to communities in Canada’s eastern provinces.  Billie has a great future with our organization.  Both staff and students greatly appreciates all of Billie’s hard work and efforts.



Muay Thai Staff

Kru Matt MacKillop 

Head Instructor, EMA Fighter’s Program

EMA Toronto finds itself in the VERY fortunate position to officially welcome Kru Matt MacKillop to our school as the Head Instructor of our fight class.  The class is structured for advance level Muay Thai students and those who aspire to do competitive Muay Thai fighting.  Kru Matt has done an excellent job in helping prepare our students to have successful showings in the ring.  It is through Matt’s extensive Muay Thai experience that he provides each class a wealth of knowledge and skill to provide to our advance level students.

In addition to achieving the rank of Kru under legendary Muay Thai Master Ajahn Suchart, some of Matt’s most proudest Muay Thai accomplishments include fighting at both the amateur and professional level, representing Canada at IFMA (2 times and a bronze medal to his name).  He has fought in Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and Sweden.

Elite is extremely fortunate to have Kru Matt as an integral additional to our Muay Thai program.

Kru Harold Mah

Kru Harold Mah has been fighting, teaching, judging and referring in the art of Muay Thai and other traditional martial arts for over 10 years.  He takes great pride in watching students develop and find the spirit they never knew they had in them.  In his past Kru Harold has guided  and trained high altitude trekkers throughout Nepal, Asia and summated Mt. Kilimanjaro.  He is a three time Ironman and run marathons throughout North America.

“Never stop enjoying life and finding new experiences everyday.”


Kru H C Mah





Nadine Donald

Lead Muay Thai Instructor

Elite Martial Arts Toronto is proud to welcome the newest Lead Instructor to our Team, Nadine Donald. Nadine is currently serving as one of our school’s Lead Instructor for the EMA-SiamNo1 Muay Thai program.

Nadine comes to our school with a great variety of Martial Arts experience that makes her a true asset to our team. Before finding her way to Mauy Thai, Nadine acquired years of experience, holding the rank of Karate Brown Belt and an established  Kickboxing background. When she arrived at SiamNo1 Muay Thai, she truly found her final calling in Martial Arts. She quickly worked her way up the rankings at SiamNo1. She possesses the rank of Muay Thai Blue Shorts and the instructor rank of Poo Choi Kru.

Along with her extensive Martial Arts credentials, she impressively won the “Student of the year” award at SiamNo1 in 2015. Her Muay Thai classes are a favorite among EMA students for her up-tempo, effective workouts.  In addition to the excellent workouts, she possess the ability to clearly break down Muay Thai techniques so that skills can be effectively transferred from teacher to student. Students who attend her classes are excelling in our Muay Thai program and are also acquiring transferable skills that are making their Krav Maga techniques more proficient.

As Nadine continues to contribute her expertise and abilities to our school, our students will truly be the beneficiaries of the excellent Muay Thai classes she provides!

Team Elite

In addition to EMA Toronto’s Lead Instructors, our school has assembled a professional team of highly talented staff that provide ongoing support to our students. Each of our support staff have been professionally selected and developed to provide our students the best possible instruction. All of our team members are required to pass the in-depth Instructor Certification course offered through The MAIU.  All of Elite’s Lead Instructors hold the rank of Black belt or above.

Our instructors have been closely examined & critiqued for both teaching proficiency and physical ability. In order to maintain the highest quality standards possible, instructors are closely monitored throughout their teaching careers.  All of our school’s instructors are required to maintain their certifications through continuing education, training & enrollment in the MAIU Instructor course.