Womens Self Defence


Our Next Women’s Self Defense –  Monday May 30th 7:30pm-9:30pm.

Space is Limited, Email infotoronto@emakravmaga.ca  to reserve your spot.





EMA’s Women’sSelf Defense course as featured in Narcity Toronto, click here to read the article.



Elite Martial Arts Toronto offers a female friendly training environment to all of our female students..  Our day to day group classes are offered in a co-ed format where males and females train together. This is an important part of proper women’s self defense training.  It is important for females to train vs generally larger males as well as talented fellow female students.

With that said, EMA is proud to offer an in-depth women’s self defense course that is provided throughout the year at our Toronto studio (usually hosted once a month).  This course allows women to train together in an all female environment, where they can learn self defense techniques that address the most common attacks used against females. Such techniques include, but are not limited to Bear Hugs, chokes, hair pull, wrist grabs, hostage attacks, mounted ground attacks and weapons defense training.

The 90 Minute session includes a 30 minute Elite Conditioning session (Full body workout based on Martial Arts training) followed by a 60 minute workshop. In addition to the physical aspects of the class, students will be provided a question and answer session where questions and concerns that are unique to woman’s self defense can be discussed in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

The goal of this course is to empower our female students with the knowledge and skills that help them feel confident in any situation, both in and out of training. This course is a complimentary add-on as part of your monthly membership FREE to all our students and members of the greater Toronto community. If you have ever been curious about taking self defense but have been hesitant, we encourage you to try the course.  We are certain you will be pleasantly surprised at how supportive and welcoming the school enviroment is AND we hope you surprise yourself at your own ability and potential.  Please feel free to contact us today and book a spot at the next course listed at the top of the page or posted on the EMA Toronto schedule page.




“Excellent workout and lots to learn. I trained in Muay Thai for 1.5 years and was looking to expand my martial arts repertoire when a friend recommended EMA. I was hooked after my first class – the staff was extremely helpful and professional and the lesson plans are set up to enable students to acquire a lot of new techniques in a short period of time. Simultaneously, conditioning workouts are systematically re-designed every month to build up strength and endurance. As a female, I also found the monthly female self defense seminars to be extremely helpful.”

– Miscia Z


“As a a female that could be considered generally petite in size, I put a
great amount of value on the techniques that are taught in the EMA Woman’s
Self Defense program. The techniques are easy to learn but are highly
effective. It gives me piece of mind knowing that I am learning defensive
tactics that I could use in real life and could be potentially life
saving. I also enjoy that each seminar begins with a great 30 minute
Elite Conditioning session! It’s a challenging and fun full body workout.
For any perspective female students looking for a great school to train
at, look no further than Elite Martial Arts. The quality of the
instruction, the clean and beautiful training facility and the commitment
to your training & success is second to none. I’d encourage you to
contact the school today”

Suellen Chui


“I joined Elite Martial Arts with my husband 2 years ago.  During this time I have been able to improve my physical fitness, as well as learn some very valuable self defense techniques.  The Women’s Self Defense course offered at Elite has been a great new program.  Each month we learn defensive techniques that are specific to women.  After learning these defensive tactics, we get the opportunity to practice them with a bit more aggression and intensity, in a safe, controlled environment.  In addition to the excellent instruction and programs at the school, the instructors and students at the school create a very fun and supportive enviroment.  I really enjoy that there are frequent guest seminars and social events hosted by the school.  EMA is not only an excellent place to train but has also been great way for my husband and I to meet some great friends and people that we would have otherwise never met, had we not enrolled“.

Jennifer Fiocca